Be Kind Rewind by Michel Gondry

Indie film festivals have a rich history of showcasing amazing undiscovered talent, where Hollywood insiders troll for the next big thing, where A-list stars promote the small labor-of-love projects they do between blockbusters.  swede fest™ 5 palm beach is an indie film festival with none of that going for it.

The key to understanding why is in the “swede.” A swede is a no-budget, laughably bad remake of a hit Hollywood film – the bigger, the better. The term comes from the 2008 comedy, “Be Kind Rewind,” and was made up to explain the sheer awfulness of their remade films by touting them as European – “swedes” because it sounded really sophisticated.  Not exactly a classic, but neither is it comedy kryptonite.

Next thing you know, there’s an underground sweding craze. Two guys in Fresno invited a bunch of friends to make films starring themselves, then get together to screen them in another homage: to the indie film festival – but without the beautiful celebrities, coolness factor, or bidding wars. And that, my friends, is how we ultimately come to swede fest™ 6 palm beach.

We’re the third official swede fest™. First, Fresno. Then, Tampa Bay. Now, Palm Beach. Cool, no? Check out the swedes from earlier swede fest™ palm beach(es) for some truly inspired mayhem, often taking place in that great substitute for the Hollywood studio soundstage, the suburban back yard…

Jack Black and director Michael Gondry explain sweding:




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