courtesy of urbanartfare/flickr

    There are rules, even with swedes/image courtesy of urbanartfare

  • Keep in under 3 minutes.
  • Keep it PG-13. Find creative ways to get around the violence, language, and nekkidness, people.
  • Film reservations by March 1, 2018. Submissions are due by 11:59 PM on March 10, 2018. HOWEVER, the earlier you submit, the better the chance your swede may be featured in news articles and press releases promoting this spectacularly hip event.
  • Embrace the amateur nature of sweding … opt to use found objects; amateur actors like your mom, your brother, or your dog; and a huge dose of hubris (look it up) rather than spending any real money making these movies. The real genius comes from how your personality and sense of humor shine through.
  • In fact, the bigger the original film’s budget and/or the more ponderous its director’s reputation, the more inherently funny your swede will be (think about it).
  • Make these films your own and have fun. The result should be 3 minutes (or less) of creative license with the source material that would make the original director laugh and cringe all at the same time.
  • Check out earlier swede fest™ palm beach entries, and these examples from swede fest™ tampa bay and the original Fresno-based swede fest