A Tribute to SWEDE FEST™ PALM BEACH 2012

A Tribute to SWEDE FEST™ PALM BEACH 2012

Think of it as the swede of SWEDE FEST™ PALM BEACH 2012. Only there was never a big-budget original.

Okay, so the analogy doesn’t really work, but if you were at swede fest™ palm beach 2012, you’ll recall the crew that was recording all the action. The photographers. The screaming fans. The swede directors and their entourages. The pretty blonde sticking a mic in your face and asking you to yell out “SWEDE FEST PALM BEACH!”

Or not, if you ate too many Hollywood Cupcakes and had a few too many Potions in Motion and it’s all a head-pounding sugary blur.

And if you weren’t there, this 3-minute “ode to the swede” (produced by New Vision Productions) will make you feel like you’re right there on the pleasantly neutral carpet of the Borland Center for Performing Arts that fateful Friday night in August before the lights dimmed, everyone opened their programs and took out their ballots so they could vote for the “Audience Favorite Award” from Digital Domain, swedes began to roll, and the guys from The Jove Comedy Experience started heckling the audience in a brilliant reverse stand-up comedy move.

And it was all brought to you by Mainstreet at Midtown, which is much cooler that you thought, right?



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