swede fest™ palm beach is Friday, August 3; Things are Gearing Up!

swede fest™ palm beach is Friday, August 3; Things are Gearing Up!

Now that all the swedes are in, we’re working on making the first annual SWEDE FEST PALM BEACH a totally kick-A event. The technical wizards at The Digital Domain Institute are putting all of the submitted swedes together for your viewing pleasure and a glitch-free (yes, we are truly tempting fate by making such a proclamation) screening a mere 10 days from now.


In case you missed any of the billion Facebook posts, Tweets, or updates to this website, here are some of the reasons you should plan on arriving at 6:00 PM on Friday, August 3rd. Yes, the festival doesn’t “officially” start until 7:00 pm, but arrive then and you could miss out on…

  • Being featured in our special ode-to-swede-fest-palm-beach film shooting that night with New Vision Productions.
  • Being one of the film makers and attendees interviewed by Caroline Breder-Watts of Arts Radio Network (formerly of the local NPR station WXEL).
  • Sipping an alcohol-based libation provided by Potions in Motion. There is also a lovely coffee bar with snacks in the lobby as well for those who just want a caffeine and/or sugar rush.
  • Appreciating the mad skills of DJ Joel Malkin from 1290AM, who will be “spinning” great tuneage from your favorite movie soundtracks (think Pulp Fiction, O Brother Where Art Thou?, From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, The Breakfast Club).
  • Having your picture taken against the official swede fest palm beach “step-and-repeat” backdrop we crafted especially for photos we can send out to the media.
The Jove Comedy Experience

Frank and Jesse -- otherwise known as The Jove Comedy Experience

And remember we have the humorous stylings of The Jove Comedy Experience, our emcees.

And we’ve even managed to secure actual red carpet, so you’ll get to have that experience as well. Don’t say we never did anything for you…



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