Only 15 Tickets Left (and maybe not even that by the time you read this)

Only 15 Tickets Left (and maybe not even that by the time you read this)

Swede fest Palm Beach 4Attention swede fest™ palm beach 4 fans!

Pre-sale Eventbrite purchases end at midnight, Friday October 9 — that’s TONIGHT! If you haven’t purchased your tickets by then, be prepared to bring $15 cash to the door.

If you already have your tickets, swanky. You’ll be hanging with us at The Palm Beaches Theatre in Plaza del Mar on Manalapan this Saturday, October 10.

Lobby doors open at 6:30 for “red carpet”(it’s in quotes for a reason) arrival and ticket pick-up. There will be beverages and snacks available for purchase. Be sure to wear your best directorial and/or diva duds for the photo op and attending media.

Showtime at 7:30 pm and an after party takes place in the plaza at Basil’s Bar and Italian Restaurant with discounted drinks and eats for anyone showing a swede fest™ palm beach 4 ticket stub. We’re looking forward to a great night of bad films, and a PACKED house!

See you on the red carpet!

Ad for your reading pleasure, check out all the media attention SFPB4 has garnered:


Palm Beach’s Swedefest profiles best in amateur, low-budget filmmaking

Posted: 7:00 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015

By Leslie Gray Streeter – Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Big budget movies make the impossible look real. Swedes are ultra, ultra low-budget movies that are impossibly — and lovingly — cheesy-looking.

Thus is the charm of Swedefest, the local film festival now in its fourth year of celebrating the art of turning blockbuster productions into homemade works that proudly display not only their creators’ complete lack of budget and, perhaps, actual filmmaking skill, but also a lot of love.




Swede Fest Palm Beach 4

Swede Fest Palm Beach 4

7-9:30 p.m. Oct. 10, The Palm Beaches Theatre, 262 South Ocean Blvd., Manalapan, $12.65-$15; 561-282-4623 or

Know that every film screened at Swede Fest qualifies as a horrible, no good, very bad remake of a hit Hollywood movie. So why recommend a so-called Swede, a term inspired by the 2008 Jack Black comedy “Be Kind, Rewind” to describe a three-minute, shoestring-budget sendup of a favorite film? Answer: the shorts are intentionally horrible, no good, very bad. They’re also funny, with previous swedes lampooning “The Dark Knight” as re-enacted with giant Lego figures; and the biblical epic “Noah,” shot entirely at a community swimming pool.

The blockbusters claimed for this year’s swede treatment (parental caution: all films are PG-13) include “Frozen,” “Shaun of the Dead,” “Aliens,” “Jurassic World,” “The Fast and the Furious” and “Star Wars.” We hope that last one offers zero references to Jar Jar.



Cult Film Festival: swede fest palm beach 4

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Date: October 05, 2015
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Cult Film Festival: swede fest palm beach 4Audiences looking for the chance to see local filmmakers take a bite out of Tinseltown can purchase their tickets now for the #1 film festival that refuses to take itself seriously. swede fest™ palm beach 4 is back and even “sweder” with the Palm Beach International Film Festival and the Palm Beach Film Society producing the underground hit event.







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