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Only 15 Tickets Left (and maybe not even that by the time you read this)

Only 15 Tickets Left (and maybe not even that by the time you read this)

Swede fest Palm Beach 4Attention swede fest™ palm beach 4 fans!

Pre-sale Eventbrite purchases end at midnight, Friday October 9 — that’s TONIGHT! If you haven’t purchased your tickets by then, be prepared to bring $15 cash to the door.

If you already have your tickets, swanky. You’ll be hanging with us at The Palm Beaches Theatre in Plaza del Mar on Manalapan this Saturday, October 10.

Lobby doors open at 6:30 for “red carpet”(it’s in quotes for a reason) arrival and ticket pick-up. There will be beverages and snacks available for purchase. Be sure to wear your best directorial and/or diva duds for the photo op and attending media.

Showtime at 7:30 pm and an after party takes place in the plaza at Basil’s Bar and Italian Restaurant with discounted drinks and eats for anyone showing a swede fest™ palm beach 4 ticket stub. We’re looking forward to a great night of bad films, and a PACKED house!

See you on the red carpet!

Ad for your reading pleasure, check out all the media attention SFPB4 has garnered:


Palm Beach’s Swedefest profiles best in amateur, low-budget filmmaking

Posted: 7:00 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 6, 2015

By Leslie Gray Streeter – Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

Big budget movies make the impossible look real. Swedes are ultra, ultra low-budget movies that are impossibly — and lovingly — cheesy-looking.

Thus is the charm of Swedefest, the local film festival now in its fourth year of celebrating the art of turning blockbuster productions into homemade works that proudly display not only their creators’ complete lack of budget and, perhaps, actual filmmaking skill, but also a lot of love.




Swede Fest Palm Beach 4

Swede Fest Palm Beach 4

7-9:30 p.m. Oct. 10, The Palm Beaches Theatre, 262 South Ocean Blvd., Manalapan, $12.65-$15; 561-282-4623 or

Know that every film screened at Swede Fest qualifies as a horrible, no good, very bad remake of a hit Hollywood movie. So why recommend a so-called Swede, a term inspired by the 2008 Jack Black comedy “Be Kind, Rewind” to describe a three-minute, shoestring-budget sendup of a favorite film? Answer: the shorts are intentionally horrible, no good, very bad. They’re also funny, with previous swedes lampooning “The Dark Knight” as re-enacted with giant Lego figures; and the biblical epic “Noah,” shot entirely at a community swimming pool.

The blockbusters claimed for this year’s swede treatment (parental caution: all films are PG-13) include “Frozen,” “Shaun of the Dead,” “Aliens,” “Jurassic World,” “The Fast and the Furious” and “Star Wars.” We hope that last one offers zero references to Jar Jar.



Cult Film Festival: swede fest palm beach 4

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Date: October 05, 2015
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Cult Film Festival: swede fest palm beach 4Audiences looking for the chance to see local filmmakers take a bite out of Tinseltown can purchase their tickets now for the #1 film festival that refuses to take itself seriously. swede fest™ palm beach 4 is back and even “sweder” with the Palm Beach International Film Festival and the Palm Beach Film Society producing the underground hit event.







swede fest™ palm beach 4 Puts the Fun(ny) Back Into Filmmaking on October 10 at The Palm Beaches Theatre

swede fest™ palm beach 4 Puts the Fun(ny) Back Into Filmmaking on October 10 at The Palm Beaches Theatre

Line-up promises another year of fantastically “bad movies made by good people”

The Goonies Batsweded

The Goonies Batsweded

The swedes are coming in, and organizers for this year’s swede fest™ palm beach 4 say audience members won’t be disappointed in the selection of “bad movies made by good people.” The hilarious, amateur film festival showcases 3-minute “remakes” of Hollywood hits on Saturday, October 10 at The Palm Beaches Theatre. Tickets are available in advance at for the “odd” price of $12.65, or $15 cash-only at the door that night. The evening begins with a mock red-carpet arrival at 6:30 pm featuring filmmakers dressed in their directorial finest enjoying a cash bar and photo op. The hit improv group Cheese & Crackers will emcee the screenings which start at 7:30 pm. An after party with food and drink specials takes place at Plaza del Mar’s Basil’s Bar Italian Cuisine offering reduced drink and food prices for swede fest™ palm beach 4 ticket stub holders.

Based on the movie, Be Kind, Rewind,” a “swede” is a no-budget, hilarious remake of a Hollywood film which spawned an underground sweding craze and resulted in the first swede fest™ in Fresno, Calif. Next came swede fest™ tampa bay, then swede fest™ palm beach in 2012. The list of submitted film titles this year include:  Inside Out, Avengers/Thor, Into the Woods, Frozen, Pugnado, Cars, Sleeping Beauty, The Dark Knight, Goonies, Sound of Music, Shaun of the Dead, Harvey, Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, Jurassic World, 127 “Snaps”, Aliens, Zoolander, Star Wars, and The Fast and the Furious.

Aliens sweded

Aliens sweded

The audience votes on the best/worst film made, which could win bragging rights for the future (or not) filmmaker, and a special grand prize of a fabulous, luxury stay at Crane’s Beach House in Delray Beach. Other prizes will be given for swede fest™ specialty awards (i.e. Best Use of Paper Towels, Most Blatant Exploitation of One’s Own Children, etc.) Yes, these have been actual awards.

All films are rated G to PG-13. All the necessary rules and submission details can be found on this website or by calling 561-543-8276 during business hours. The Palm Beaches Theatre is located at 262 South Ocean Boulevard. swede fest™ palm beach 4 is currently sponsored in-kind by the Palm Beach International Film Festival, Palm Beach Film Society and The Alchemy Group. or by calling 561-543-8276 during business hours. The Palm Beaches Theatre is located at 262 South Ocean Boulevard. swede fest™ palm beach 4 is currently sponsored in-kind by the Palm Beach International Film Festival, Palm Beach Film Society and The Alchemy Communications Group.


It’s the Moment You’ve Been Waiting Fo(u)r!

It’s the Moment You’ve Been Waiting Fo(u)r!

Swede fest Palm Beach 4swede fest™ 4 is on! And this year it’s “sweeder” than ever! Why? Because we’re taking it underground and dirty, just like it was meant to be. Why dirty? Because swede-ers only have TWO MONTHS to get their masterpieces to us before the big night on October 10, 2015! Thanks to the awesome folks at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, we have a new home at the Palm Beaches Theatre in Manalapan. The theater has only 200 seats, which means we’ll likely be even more sold-out than ever! So limited time, limited seats, and limitless possibilities to make YOUR spoof of a Hollywood hit!

First time? We understand…

If you don’t know what a swede is, or what swede fest™ palm beach is about, please check out the helpful links we just provided. It’s okay, we’ll wait right here…

The rules this year are the same:

  • Reserve your title TODAY! Only one swede per film title is accepted. None of us want to watch six different videos of you crazy filmmakers strapped to your Hyundai swedeing Mad Max: Fury Road, so first person to reserve that title gets it. Once you call dibs, your film MUST be sent to us by SEPTEMBER 30! Check out the submission rules for the sending instructions.
  • Swedes MUST be PG-13. Keep the nudity, profanity, and gratuitous violence to a minimum, or get creative with working around it. You can send them in rated R and we will probably enjoy watching it, but it won’t have a fudge-ball chance of being screened (see how we got around that)?
  • Keep it less than 3 minutes! We want your terrible films. We want to watch them and share their creative madness with the masses. The thing is, even bad films get worse after a while. And by “a while” we mean around 2:59. So if your film runs to 3:01, it’s going buh-bye. So be as creative with your editing as you are with your personal take on Captain America: Winter Soldier. Consider not crediting your friends who helped you or something. Just keep it under 3:00.


Swede fest™ palm beach 4 is happening because it’s one of the coolest events around, and a dedicated group of people volunteered to take it over. We couldn’t do it without the support of local businesses such as Alchemy Communications Group and the Palm Beach International Film Festival. If your business would like to join in as a sponsor or evening vendor, we want to hear from you! Tons of branding opportunities are available for very little money, which will get tons of exposure for your organization to a diverse age group. Contact Jeff at and he’ll tell you all the amazing ways we’ll get your name out there to the masses. We’ve got a 501(c)3 so every sponsorship or donation will be a nice write off, too. Score!

Don’t have the funds to donate, but have some time on your hands? Well, we need volunteers to help us for the next few months, and for that night for very little pay (actually, no pay, but we will try and feed you!). Just like in Hollywood. We’ll even give you a cool title like “key grip” or “craft services specialist” so you can really feel a part of the tinsel town excitement. Just contact Elizabeth at and begin your exciting journey into faux movie land!



SWEDE FEST™ PALM BEACH Announces New Emcees!

SWEDE FEST™ PALM BEACH Announces New Emcees!

But seriously's The Jove Comedy Experience.

But seriously's The Jove Comedy Experience.

SWEDE FEST™ PALM BEACH has new emcees for our renegade amateur film festival, since we had to gracefully bow out of our original date in order for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics to get decent ratings for NBC. They paid a LOT of money for this exclusive, and who are we to siphon off their audience on the very first broadcast.

Big of us, yes?

And even bigger is THE JOVE COMEDY EXPERIENCE, our new emcees for the festive night o’swedes, now FRIDAY, AUGUST 3rd, at 7:00 PM at the Borland Center for Performing Arts at Midtown. Granted, it’s not Sundance, Slamdance, or even the White River Independent Film Festival (that’s in Vermont, population 2500). There won’t be an celebrities (except in their own minds), overseas distributors looking to write checks, or paparazzi (unless you count parents with Canon SureShots), but there will be plenty of entertainment in the finest sense, because swedes are just funny, even if the film being sweded is dead serious.

The evening will be even more entertaining with emcees THE JOVE COMEDY EXPERIENCE. And just who are these highly gifted comedic talents? Frank and Jesse.

Oh, you want to know more? Okay, fine.The Jove is “Florida’s Funniest Improvisation and Sketch Comedy.” They take comedy seriously! Thus is the motto of The Jove, a creation of Frank Licari, Jesse Furman, and a third funny guy who is on hiatus while teaching at a college in St. Louis. The goal of The Jove is to provide a professional, unique, and hilarious comedy experience based on sketch and live improv.

When see The Jove, they want you to feel that you were part of an experience, and that you witnessed something you had never seen before. Their mix of sketch, improvisation, music, and video will hopefully leave you excited about the possibilities of live theater. If they don’t live up to their goal, let them know…and heads will roll! Because they take comedy seriously…very seriously!

That's Frank on the left, and Jesse on the right -- but we have no idea about their politics.

That's Frank on the left, and Jesse on the right -- but we have no idea about their politics.

FRANK LICARI (Founder/Performer/Director) is a 20-year veteran professional actor, musician, and director with a Certificate in Theater from The American Musical & Dramatic Academy in New York. A member of the Obie and Drama Desk award-winning show “Blue Man Group” for close to three years, he also performed in over 70 stage plays in New York, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, and Florida. His TV credits include hosting the upcoming reality TV show Recreating A LegendLaw & Order, and CBS’s short-lived Dellaventura starring Danny Aiello. His film work was featured at the New York, Los Angeles, Breckenridge, Brooklyn, and Milan International Film Festivals. His last film House of Heartbreak won “Best Short Film” at The Palm Beach International Film Festival, and just premiered at The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival. His previous film, The Fallen – Letters From The Dead won “Best Picture” at The Milan and Brooklyn International Film Festivals and is available through Hollywood Video and Netflix. Frank is also an award-winning director and playwright and has won The Sears Drama Festival and Village Gate One-Act Festival (NYC). He is the owner/founder/artistic director of Atlantic Arts Academy and The Atlantic Theater in Jupiter, Florida for the past 11 years. Frank is also an accomplished singer and musician, playing piano, bass guitar, guitar and percussion. Some of his work has been featured on WFNX Radio, Boston’s #1 alternative radio station. Frank has toured upstate New York and Ontario Canada with his music and has performed at Fleet Center in Boston and at Sunfest 2005 & 2006 with The Jeff Harding Band. Frank is a proud member of  The Screen Actor’s Guild adb the Actor’s Equity Association. His upcoming 2012 projects include two new TV Pilots, a feature-length film, and directing a brand-new up- and-coming Broadway musical entitled Greenwood.

JESSE FURMAN (Founder/Performer/Director) has been an acting instructor with Atlantic Arts Academy for the past eight years. His acting credits include six years with The Palm Beach Shakespeare Festival, the Spotlite Players, and five years with Northstage.

Over the last eight years he had the privilege to assistant direct and perform with The Atlantic Theater, appearing in Misery as Paul Sheldon, A Christmas Carol as Jacob Marley and as Huey in Italian American Reconciliation. His film credits include roles as Frank Drevin in Scary Tales 2, and as Prowler in Christian Soldiers and a lead role in the feature film Film Contest? Jesse lives happily with his wife Jen, his son Miles, and a farm’s worth of animals.

Now you have even more reasons to buy your tickets to SWEDE FEST PALM BEACH today. Just $5, or be a big spender and spring for the $8 VIP Ticket and Limited-Edition Laminate Badge on a Lanyard, and look like a major big shot. Tickets are available for purchase online — the VIP Package is only available through midnight on July 20th — that’s this coming Friday. The regular $5 tickets are available through August 1st. After that, they’re $6 at the door. All the details are here.



Deadline for entries is at 11:59PM Friday night, July 20th. Yes, THIS FRIDAY. That’s it, peeps. Then all you can do is ATTEND swede fest™ palm beach and watch OTHER PEOPLE’S SWEDES. Wouldn’t that bite? Avoid all of this sturm und drang (you did study the post-war German oeuvre, yes?) and get your swede on already. All the submission info is right here, Herzog.



SWEDE FEST™ PALM BEACH Announces Collaboration with Hollywood Powerhouse DIGITAL DOMAIN

SWEDE FEST™ PALM BEACH Announces Collaboration with Hollywood Powerhouse DIGITAL DOMAIN

Amateur Film Festival Will Have ‘Audience Favorite Award’
Provided by The Digital Domain Institute


On Friday, July 27th, at 7:00PM, swede fest™ palm beach and The Digital Domain Institute are pairing up to recognize the most “original remakes” at this first annual amateur film festival. Hosted at the dining and shopping destination Mainstreet at Midtown, swede fest™ palm beach takes place in Palm Beach Gardens’ state-of-the-art theatre facility Borland Center of Performing Arts located at 4885 PGA Boulevard (just west of Military Trail). Tickets are $5.

BUT WHAT’S A SWEDE, YOU ASK? A “swede” is a no-budget, laughably bad remake of a Hollywood film. The term comes from the 2008 comedy, Be Kind Rewind, which started an underground sweding craze and resulted in the first swede fest™ in Fresno, CA. Next came swede fest™ tampa bay, and now Midtown is rolling out the very first swede fest™ palm beach.

Entries are open, and targeted to all students, film buffs, creative types, film lovers, and professionals, or simply anyone with any type of camera. It is free to enter a film but ENTRIES MUST BE SUBMITTED BY JULY 13th. The festival embraces the highly amateur nature of “sweding” while supporting creativity within the community.

“We have a vibrant film-making community here, and we wanted to tap into that creative group and bring them to Midtown. Obviously we’re ecstatic to have the DIGITAL DOMAIN INSTITUTE involved!” says Belle Forino, Marketing Coordinator for Mainstreet at Midtown.

There are a few RULES for the entries. Films must be under three minutes and PG-13, even if the “source material” is not. This means finding creative ways to get around violence, objectionable language, and nudity. Guidelines are on the swede fest™ palm beach website, along with example swedes such as The Breakfast Club, Wayne’s World, and Se7en.

The audience is encouraged to dress in their finest berets, cravats, safari vests, or other directorial cliché’s. Emcee for the evening will be LESLIE STREETER from the PALM BEACH POST.

For those interested in sweding a film, email to call dibs on your movie. Swede-makers are encouraged to embrace the amateur nature of sweding and opt to use found objects rather than spending any real money making these movies.


EVENT:   swede fest™ palm beach

AWARDS: Under 18 & Over 18 Audience Favorites

WHEN: Friday, July 27, 7:00 PM 

FILMS DUE: By July 13th

WHERE: Midtown’s Borland Center of Performing Arts
4885 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens FL 33418

WEB:   You’re already here

FACEBOOK: swedefestpalmbeach

Digital Domain


FACEBOOK: DigitalDomainInstitute


Call for Entries Open Through July 13th; Palm Beach Post’s Leslie Streeter to host swede fest™ palm beach on July 27th!

Call for Entries Open Through July 13th; Palm Beach Post’s Leslie Streeter to host swede fest™ palm beach on July 27th!


  • Leslie Streeter, entertainment columnist for The Palm Beach Post, will emcee swede fest™ palm beach’s big shindig on Friday, July 27, 2012.

Ever entertained the dream of being the next Steven Spielberg? The next QuentinTarantino? The next Ed Wood? Have we got an opportunity for you…whether you have mad skills or none at all, swede fest™ palm beach is the showcase for your shorts (that’s film-speak for a non-feature-length movie).


What is a sweded film, man?

Coined by the characters in the 2008 comedy, Be Kind Rewind,” a “swede” is a no-budget, laughably awful remake of a hit film using found objects; handheld camera work; amateur actors like your mom, your brother, or your dog; and a huge dose of hubris (look it up). The result should be 3 minutes (or less) of creative license with the source material that would make the original director laugh and cringe all at the same time.

Here’s an “schwinging” example of the art of the swede…

Swede: Wayne’s World from Swede Fest Tampa Bay on Vimeo.


SUBMISSION DATES:  Submit your swede April 1 through July 13, 2012

SWEDE FEST DATE:     Friday, July 27, 2012

WHERE: Midtown’s Borland Center for The Performing Arts
4801 PGA Boulevard, Palm Beach Gardens
(just west of I-95 and Military Trail, on the north side)

COST: It’s free to enter your film


  • Student swedes (ages 10 through 17)
  • Adult swedes (ages 18 and up)
  • Sweded Movie Posters (open to all ages)
  • Audience Favorite Awards will be given at the conclusion of the screenings, with a very special swede fest™ palm beach trophy.

Brought to you by Midtown, which is obviously much hipper than you thought.