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Cult Film Festival Returns with swede fest™ palm beach 4 (even sweder!)

Cult Film Festival Returns with swede fest™ palm beach 4 (even sweder!)

Swede fest Palm Beach 4So, it’s on. The #1 film festival that refuses to take itself seriously returns with swede fest™ palm beach 4, and this year it’s even “sweder”! Why? Because it’s going underground, the way it all started. Following three sold-out years, swede fest™ palm beach 4 is happening thanks to the passion (read: possible insanity) of local fans who agreed to take it over from its original producer, Mainstreet at Midtown in Palm Beach Gardens. The underground event showcases laughably bad, 3-minute remakes of Hollywood hits made by amateur filmmakers throughout Palm Beach County.  This year’s showcase of bad films made by good people is presented by the Palm Beach International Film Festival and the Palm Beach Film Society on October 10 from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at The Palm Beaches Theatre, located at 262 South Ocean Boulevard in Manalapan.

We have 17 film titles claimed already; we’ll only be screening a total of 20 films that night, so you need to bring your best game there, Skippy. They are, in no particular order…

Inside Out
Into the Woods
Pugnado (yes, that would be Sharknado with pugs)
Sleeping Beauty
The Dark Knight
Sound of Music
Dawn of the Dead
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Jurassic World

What’s a swede? Based on the movie, “Be Kind, Rewind,” a “swede” is a no-budget, hilarious remake of a Hollywood film which spawned an underground sweding craze and resulted in the first swede fest™ in Fresno, Calif. Next came swede fest™ tampa bay, then swede fest™ palm beach in 2012. Picture “Twister” filmed using balled up paper towels; the pottery scene from “Ghost” reenacted by giant Lego figures; or “Noah” filmed inside a community pool with a cast of teenagers – these are only a few examples of the more than fifty films submitted last year. Perfect “short attention span theater,” each film is maxed out at 3 minutes, meaning that as “so-bad-it’s-good” as the film may be, another one is soon to appear.

The audience votes on the best/worst film made, which could win bragging rights for the future (or not) filmmaker, and a special grand prize. Additional award prizes will also be given for overall epic-ness. Even if you don’t have a film submitted, seeing the filmmakers dressed in their versions of “Hollywood bizarre” is worth the admission price, which is a mere $13 per person in advance, or $15 at the door.

All films must be rated PG-13. Also, there is only one swede per film title, so no one will be stuck watching three remakes of “Mad Max” (God help us all). Those looking to enter can email their chosen title to Films must be completed and sent by September 30. Updates on film titles are posted to the swede fest™ palm beach Facebook page, and rules and details are located on this website. The event is now completely volunteer run, and individuals and businesses looking to become a sponsor can email or call Elizabeth during working hours at 561-543-8276 to learn about the many ways they can gain shameless amounts of exposure to hundreds of all-ages residents. Swede fest™ palm beach 4 is currently sponsored in-kind by the Palm Beach International Film Festival, Palm Beach Film Society, and Alchemy Communications Group.



It’s the Moment You’ve Been Waiting Fo(u)r!

It’s the Moment You’ve Been Waiting Fo(u)r!

Swede fest Palm Beach 4swede fest™ 4 is on! And this year it’s “sweeder” than ever! Why? Because we’re taking it underground and dirty, just like it was meant to be. Why dirty? Because swede-ers only have TWO MONTHS to get their masterpieces to us before the big night on October 10, 2015! Thanks to the awesome folks at the Palm Beach International Film Festival, we have a new home at the Palm Beaches Theatre in Manalapan. The theater has only 200 seats, which means we’ll likely be even more sold-out than ever! So limited time, limited seats, and limitless possibilities to make YOUR spoof of a Hollywood hit!

First time? We understand…

If you don’t know what a swede is, or what swede fest™ palm beach is about, please check out the helpful links we just provided. It’s okay, we’ll wait right here…

The rules this year are the same:

  • Reserve your title TODAY! Only one swede per film title is accepted. None of us want to watch six different videos of you crazy filmmakers strapped to your Hyundai swedeing Mad Max: Fury Road, so first person to reserve that title gets it. Once you call dibs, your film MUST be sent to us by SEPTEMBER 30! Check out the submission rules for the sending instructions.
  • Swedes MUST be PG-13. Keep the nudity, profanity, and gratuitous violence to a minimum, or get creative with working around it. You can send them in rated R and we will probably enjoy watching it, but it won’t have a fudge-ball chance of being screened (see how we got around that)?
  • Keep it less than 3 minutes! We want your terrible films. We want to watch them and share their creative madness with the masses. The thing is, even bad films get worse after a while. And by “a while” we mean around 2:59. So if your film runs to 3:01, it’s going buh-bye. So be as creative with your editing as you are with your personal take on Captain America: Winter Soldier. Consider not crediting your friends who helped you or something. Just keep it under 3:00.


Swede fest™ palm beach 4 is happening because it’s one of the coolest events around, and a dedicated group of people volunteered to take it over. We couldn’t do it without the support of local businesses such as Alchemy Communications Group and the Palm Beach International Film Festival. If your business would like to join in as a sponsor or evening vendor, we want to hear from you! Tons of branding opportunities are available for very little money, which will get tons of exposure for your organization to a diverse age group. Contact Jeff at and he’ll tell you all the amazing ways we’ll get your name out there to the masses. We’ve got a 501(c)3 so every sponsorship or donation will be a nice write off, too. Score!

Don’t have the funds to donate, but have some time on your hands? Well, we need volunteers to help us for the next few months, and for that night for very little pay (actually, no pay, but we will try and feed you!). Just like in Hollywood. We’ll even give you a cool title like “key grip” or “craft services specialist” so you can really feel a part of the tinsel town excitement. Just contact Elizabeth at and begin your exciting journey into faux movie land!